How Huawei Vision S Series ushers in a Future of TV Experience Beyond Entertainment

  This global health challenge has significantly changed the nuts and bolts of every aspect of society. One notable adjustment that has been...


This global health challenge has significantly changed the nuts and bolts of every aspect of society. One notable adjustment that has been brought by the new reality is the need to stay indoors. Filipinos were compelled to recalibrate their usual routine outdoors and shift to arrangements inside their homes in lieu of safety. Subsequently, plans for authentic connection and meaningful moments with people they hold dear were shelved. Filipinos have been isolated not just from their families but from awesome avenues of building connections and strengthening social relationships.  

To help Filipinos adapt to the changing reality, Huawei Philippines has been in full steam in launching an array of smart devices that enhance the Filipinos’ now digital-heavy lifestyle. Opportunities to connect, bond, and have special moments have been brought inside and online. Filipinos get to experience a more seamless and intelligent interconnectivity of products and software through Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy.  


The latest to join the Huawei ecosystem is its very first Future TV -- the Huawei Vision S. The Huawei Vision S brings the Filipinos’ smart tv experience into the future with features that are yet to be seen in the local market. With the Huawei Vision S, Filipinos will not only enjoy high-quality entertainment but will also revel in new platforms of connection with loved ones and peers they have sorely missed over the past year.  



Stay Connected with just one TV Call Away from Families and Friends 





Overcoming the unprecedented challenges Filipinos need to face daily is no walk in the park. But what alleviates the weight of the hurdles they need to conquer is knowing they have people right beside them -- whether physically or digitally. A quick call or simple catch-up session with loved ones can easily provide respite for anyone trying to make it through the day.  


Huawei Vision S breaks down the limitations of isolation with its video-calling capability through a 1080P MeeTime Video Call. This enables users to make and field phone calls from the big screen, and have them rendered in full 1920 x 1080 splendor. Callers can enjoy connecting with friends and family in immersive audiovisual communications at any time. Huawei Vision S is the sole TV in its price point with its own video calling capability. With the Vision S MeeTime video calls, Filipinos will no longer be missing celebrations -- from beloved seasonals like Mother’s Day to huge parties like 18th birthdays. The Future TV’s 13MP Magnetic Camera also ensures the hi-res quality of video calls. It also allows the Huawei Vision S to store footage with a stunning 1080p clarity.  



Bringing Life Back to the Living Room