Live streaming platform, 17live, launches in the Philippines as part of Southeast Asia expansion

17LIVE Inc, the operator of the leading live streaming platform 17LIVE in Asia, has announced its expansion in the Philippines and in Southe...

17LIVE Inc, the operator of the leading live streaming platform 17LIVE in Asia, has announced its expansion in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia at a virtual global launch held on Friday, September 10, 2021. 

According to the global expansion plan, 17LIVE is strengthening its commitment to establish local operations in the Philippines with the hope of building connections and interactions among the Filipino community. Through this new entertainment platform, 17LIVE connects local talents and their audiences in real time by allowing them to participate, chat, and react in livestreams.

Understanding how social sharing has become an integral part of people’s everyday routines, 17LIVE is launching in the Philippines to forward its mission to empower human interactions and connections through live technology.

With the tagline, Life happens Live, 17LIVE wants to create irreplaceable moments with live streaming technology where users can create a world to connect with anyone to empower expressions and connections. With 17LIVE, there is no fine line between borders and generations. Filipino content creators can come together to engage, entertain, educate and most importantly enjoy the experience of live viewing and the process of producing it.

Each country in Southeast Asia will have their own curated contents to reach out to their users. There will also be some introduction of elevated large-scale domestic event experiences such as concerts featuring top artists from the Philippines and overseas that viewers can stream on 17LIVE.

In addition, many exciting programs will be held in different countries globally, to deepen exchanges with people around the world through 17LIVE. With the launch of 17LIVE in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia, 17LIVE. Inc hopes to become the next major entertaining platform with diversified content to enrich people’s lives and elevate the online live streaming experience to a whole new level.

About 17LIVE

17LIVE (one seven live) is Asia's largest* live streaming platform. With a mission to “Empower Human Connections through Live Technology", it aims to create a world where users can enjoy every moment of their lives on the seven continents — Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia — under one sky. The platform reached 50 million registered users worldwide as of September 2021.

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