GCash inspires more women to lead

These days, more and more industries are empowering women to take on leadership roles within their organization or the community at large. S...

These days, more and more industries are empowering women to take on leadership roles within their organization or the community at large. Studies have shown that female leaders are more nurturing, empathetic, and are great communicators and listeners, which are key to motivate employees and consequently, help boost the company’s growth. 

This was one of the issues discussed during the recent virtual Women Future Conference 2021, an event which promotes feminine leadership and management in typically male-dominated industries such as financial technology, banking, and insurance.  

According to Pebbles Sy, Chief Technology and Operating Officer at GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet app, half of the population and senior leadership team at Globe and Mynt, the operator of GCash, are women.  “It’s really important that we see a lot of women represented now. We have a lot of young managers and young leaders, and a lot of them are looking for mentorships and communities where they can participate,” shared Sy. 

Notably, at GCash, the top post is also led by a woman: Martha Sazon, the e-wallet app’s president and chief executive officer. Under her leadership, the company rapidly grew its user base from 20 million in January 2020 to an impressive number of more than 46 million to date. 

With a vision of providing financial inclusion for all Filipinos, especially the unbanked and underbanked, GCash has been successful in introducing financial services that are accessible, affordable, and easy to understand. 

On the app, users can enjoy GSave, an online savings bank; GInvest, an easy investment feature; GInsure for insurance for medical emergencies such as dengue, COVID-19, and accidents; GCredit, a personal credit line with up to P30,000 credit line and up to 3% prorated interest rate. Users can also have easy access to more than 600 billers on the app, including utilities, transportation, real estate, and even government units. As a superlife app, GCash also has GLife, the e-commerce feature on the GCash app that allows users to shop exclusive deals from 35 brands across retail, food, gaming, entertainment, and transport.

As GCash continues to enjoy steady growth, its female workforce are getting more involved to ensure that the e-wallet app achieves its goal of making Filipino lives better every day. “There is really no barrier for us. It’s really just about doing your job and working hard,” shared Sy. Joining Sy during the event were female executives from all over Asia-Pacific including Jael Tan, Manager of the Monetary Authority of Singapore; Yang Yang Zhang, Managing Director of Xendit Philippines; WijitlekaMarome, Deputy Director of the Fintech Department in the Bank of Thailand; Shan Luo, Managing Director of Fintech Space Taiwan; Leila Martin, President of the first government-backed Digital Overseas Filipino Bank; and Gae Martinez, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Insular Life.

For more information, visit www.gcash.com.

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