Get to Know Geiko, the Young Artist Who Created a Song out of Her Love for Shopee

The self-taught musician and avid online shopper shares what’s on her wishlist and how she came to write “Oh no I’m on Shopee again” MANILA,...

The self-taught musician and avid online shopper shares what’s on her wishlist and how she
came to write “Oh no I’m on Shopee again”

MANILA, DECEMBER X, 2021 - If you’re looking for a fresh new sound to add to your playlist,
then you can count on up-and-coming artist geiko’s mellow voice and catchy beats to deliver.
She recently released a new single entitled “Oh no I’m on Shopee again,” and it perfectly
captures Filipinos’ passion for online shopping.
Since 2017, geiko has been making waves on YouTube with her covers and original songs,
gaining thousands of subscribers in the process. A self-taught musician, geiko got into music at
three years old and started writing songs at just six years old, and eventually started uploading
covers on YouTube. She finds creative inspiration from musicians of all genres, from OPM
legends like APO Hiking Society and Eraserheads to K-Pop superstars. She describes her own
music style as “something that makes you want to stare into nothingness, jump and dance
around in public without the fear of judgement, or cry in the bathroom.”
Though shy, geiko loves performing. “I love seeing reactions to my music. It makes me happy
that people can relate to my music,” she shares.
geiko’s latest release, “Oh no I’m on Shopee again,” might just be her most relatable one yet.
She shares that since window shopping is one of her favorite ways to pass the time, browsing
Shopee is akin to falling into a rabbit hole. She constantly finds more and more items she wants
to check out. The app serves as her one-stop shop for school, art, and music essentials and so
much more.
“I love anything cute, like bags that look like a loaf of bread and a chicken, or items that have
animals on it. I look for glasses too, it's becoming quite a collection for me. I also look for art
materials, music equipment, and other things that can improve my work flow. Right now I’m
eyeing new keyboards, both for typing and for making music,” she says.
As she was scrolling through the app one day, she realized she couldn’t afford any of the items
on her wishlist. But she didn’t just “stare at my phone and cry.” She actually went ahead and
wrote a song about it, finishing the lyrics in one go and recording the song on the same day.
The quirky lyrics, narrated in geiko’s soft, smooth voice, takes listeners through a fun, colorful
world of “radishes, froggies, cow printed trimmed candies… music things and stationary”—just a
few of the items on geiko’s budol wishlist.
Speaking of budols—when it comes to them, geiko abides by just one rule: “If may gusto ka,
add to cart mo. If ‘di ka makatulog kakaisip, check out mo na ‘yan!”
Play geiko’s “Oh no I’m on Shopee again” while you scroll through Shopee. Listen to it on
geiko’s official Spotify and Youtube channels. A short version of the song is also available on
Watch geiko perform “Oh no I’m on Shopee again” live for the first time at the 12.12 Big
Christmas Sale TV Special this December 12, 10:30 PM on GMA-7 and Shopee Live.
Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

About Shopee
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Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people
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Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In
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