New Year, New Phone: Five reasons why the A95 is the glow up you need in 2022

 Are you one of those people who looks to upgrade their smartphones to suit their lifestyle, but finds that there are way too many options t...

 Are you one of those people who looks to upgrade their smartphones to suit their lifestyle, but finds that there are way too many options to choose from?

If you are still undecided on what to purchase for your smartphone glow-up this year, here's a
list of things that you might want to consider when choosing your next device:

Can I document my favorite memories in high resolution?
We all love taking selfies, and capturing our everyday moments filled with food, pets, scenery
and more - that’s why camera features are definitely one of the top priorities when looking to
upgrade your phone. Don’t just settle for high megapixels! Look out for a phone with AI-
enhanced Image Capture capabilities that will automatically turn your photos into professional-
looking shots, just like the A95. Its 48MP triple rear-facing camera and 16mp selfie camera
are powered by AI features to make your photos more lifelike and defined.

Can I stream videos or play games uninterrupted?
If you use your smartphone to unwind with games or movie marathons, there’s nothing more
annoying than lags or neverending notifications interrupting your stream. The OPPO A95,
powered by ColorOS11.1, helps get rid of these problems with its Hyper Boost technology which
ensures a more stable gaming experience, less battery consumption, and better temperature
control. Plus, with Game Focus Mode and Bullet Notifications switched on to only alert for
essential notifications, you can get a fully-immersive and interruption-free gaming experience.

Can the battery last the whole day?
Lengthy battery life is nothing new for smartphones, so look out for high mAh levels, and even
features to safeguard your battery’s longevity so that your new phone can keep up with your
busy days. The OPPO A95 doesn’t just have a 5000mAh battery, but also 33W Flash
Charging. This means with just a five-minute charge, you can stream Youtube videos up to 1.8
hours, chat with family and friends via call up to 5.73 hours, or doomscroll Instagram for 1.37

But that’s just the start - OPPO A95 has a unique Battery Guard feature, which learns your
sleep habits and personalizes how your phone charges based on these, so you don’t have to
worry about overcharging your battery. Other features that help prolong battery life include
temperature control, especially useful while you’re gaming or streaming; Super Power Saving
Mode, so you don’t have to worry about calling a ride home while your phone’s at 5%; and
Super Nighttime Standby, which keeps your A95 on standby mode for 8 hours with just 2%
battery remaining.

Can the smartphone run smoothly?
To keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, you need a smartphone that can run smoothly and
without any lags, even with multiple apps open. To help you multitask seamlessly, the A95 is
powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 and a large 8GB RAM+128GB ROM. It even has a
System Booster feature, to give you consistently smooth working experience on your gadget.

These top-of-the-line hardware specs are exactly what to look for when upgrading your smartphone.

Is it easy to use or hold the smartphone?
Although design and comfort may seem like trivial qualities when it comes to choosing a
smartphone for you, these things matter when you use a smartphone all day. Even with its large
battery, the slim and light OPPO A95 weighs just 175g in a 7.95mm thin body. It also comes in
two stylish colors - Glowing Starry Black for those who prefer neutral tech accessories, and
Glowing Rainbow Silver, which can put you in a Very Peri mood for 2022. Its back cover is
also resistant to scratches, wear, fire and even your fingerprints, so it stays durable and looking
clean at all times.

With the all-new smart performing OPPO A95, the answer to all these questions is yes! A
power-packed device with a stylish design and ultra-long battery life, it’s the perfect gadget
glow-up to get you started this 2022.

The OPPO A95 retails at PHP15,999 and is available via the OPPO Flagship Store at Lazada
and Shopee, and OPPO Brand Stores nationwide. For more information, visit the OPPO
Philippines’ official website at, or its official Facebook page at OPPO

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