Improve your home’s air quality with ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaners

 Indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. If you live in a high-rise, smoke, dust and cooking odors can migrate from other units to...

 Indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. If you live in a high-rise, smoke, dust
and cooking odors can migrate from other units to yours. Other sources of indoor air
pollutants are paint, cleaning chemicals, dust mites, pet dander, carpets, parasites,
mold and dampness and many others. Even the furniture in your home and the gas
stove you use for cooking can release gas and other debris into the air.
So, what can you do to improve the air quality in your house? Especially in a time where
cleanliness matters the most. 

One way is always to check the air filters of your air-conditioning units. These filters
could be filled with dust and other debris from the air. When this happens, your AC units
might not work properly. Second, make sure your kitchen has an exhaust fan and that
it’s turned on when you’re cooking. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, open a window for
proper air circulation. Avoid smoking inside the house or even outside if the doors and
windows are open.

But the most important thing you can do to improve indoor air quality in your home is to
increase the amount of outdoor air that goes into the house. This, however, can also
result in dust coming in.

Vacuuming dust and other allergens reduces the irritants in the air that worsen asthma
and other respiratory problems. But thanks to ROIDMI, home-cleaning has been
revolutionized more than ever because of the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner’s built-in ZiWei
Sterilization System.

ROIDMI, the leader of the cordless vacuum cleaner industry in China, offers quality
high-tech consumer products like vacuum cleaners to help keep your home clean and
allergen-free. The good news is that ROIDMI is now in the Philippines!

The ROIDMI X30 VX has two modes for easier cleaning, 200 rpm high-speed wiping,
150W power so deep-seated dirt can be easily removed, three modes to control water
seepage, 80 minutes runtime and magnetic charging, ROIDMI X30 VX has two main
floor brushes, a wiping cleaner head and a soft roller cleaner head, which allow you to
suction and wipe at the same time. This is perfect for homes with many pets. The X30
VX can be used for wet wiping, dry mopping and waxing. Both cleaner heads are
equipped with LED light-sensitive response lamps. 

The X30 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has the new generation clean technology with
an OLED smart color screen, ZiWei Sterilization System, NEX-V all-powerful brush, 70
minutes running time and 150W suction power for synchronized vacuuming, mopping
and sterilizing. It has an air purifier that offers six levels of filtration and double
antibacterial action. The ROIDMI X30 Pro received the iF, Red Dot and other awards for
its excellent design. The screen not only displays cleaning status but also suction,
electricity and calorie consumption while cleaning. The dust cup has one button for no-
touch release, an electric brush for efficient removal of mites and an LED light for
efficient cleaning.

The ROIDMI X20 synchronizes vacuuming and mopping, so you save time and effort.
This cordless vacuum -mop combo has a 120,000rpm brushless motor, magnetic
wireless charger, Air-X air-dust separation system and when fully charged, 65 minutes
of battery life. The soft rolling brush is made of nano-scale hydrophobic fiber, which is
waterproof and self-cleaning. The ROIDMI X20 cordless vacuum cleaner has a 270°
two-way handle that allows you to comfortably grip with both hands and mop the floor a
lot easier.
The ROIDMI S2 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner with a stronger suction at 130W and
stronger endurance at 60 minutes when fully charged via magnetic wireless charging.
The ROIDMI S2 has a redesigned fully optimized air duct structure and filtration system
to make air circulation smoother and significantly enhance gas-dust separation effect.
The S20 also has an automatic sensor light that illuminates dark corners and areas so
you can clean more efficiently.

One of the best features of the Z1 Air is its being lightweight and portable at 1.55kg. But
as they say, small things can pack a lot of power. The ROIDMI Z1 Air’s 10 separation
cyclones powerful suction helps reduce filter blocking and maintain strong suction
power. The 100,000 RPM digital brushless motor is also more powerful. It has a 60-
minute runtime with only one charge. Your home will also be cleaner with the 2+2
multiple air filtration system.

The ROIDMI X30 VX, X30 Pro, X20, and S2 cordless vacuum have a multi-layer air
filtration system that traps previously vacuumed dust and prevents it from being
released back into the air. These also comes with wall-mounted docks which can be
used for charging and storage purposes. Each ROIDMI vacuum cleaner also includes
supporting accessories such as the crevice tool, wide nozzle, extension hose, mattress
brush among other tools to meet most home cleaning needs.
*The supporting accessories may vary depending on the product.

The ROIDMI X30 VX, X30 Pro, X20, and S2 cordless vacuum cleaners have LED
display screens accessible and supported through the ROIDMI smart app connection to
your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The mobile app enables users to check the main unit
power, cleaning time, dust full and filter replacement reminders through the app for the
best cleaning experience.

Update your cleaning routine for better indoor air quality with ROIDMI cordless vacuum

All ROIDMI vacuum cleaners can be purchased at the brand’s Flagship Store in Lazada and the Official Store in Shopee Mall For more information, you may visit their FB page-

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