AutoDeal Steers PHL Automotive E-Commerce Forward with 13th Insights Report

 The automotive industry is going through a state of massive change from connectivity, electrification and digitization of the customer expe...

 The automotive industry is going through a state of massive change from connectivity,
electrification and digitization of the customer experience. Customers expect seamless digital
experiences not only from ecommerce, but also when buying a car, where they expect a
personalized and multi-channel journey.

AutoDeal prides itself on being a key component in modernizing the customer experience for
local car buyers in the Philippines. Since 2014, AutoDeal has provided buyers the ability to
compare vehicles; find special offers; and, complete multiple stages of the car-purchase
transaction online. Every month, the online automotive marketplace enables consumers to get
the best price on brand new vehicles by comparing offers from multiple dealers by simply going
to the AutoDeal website. This enables buyers to transact quickly with trained and vetted sales
agents from a network of official partner dealers. AutoDeal’s CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Scott
shares: “As automotive retail propels towards digital, AutoDeal is receiving more customers
every day, which translates to more sales for our partners every year. AutoDeal was able to
deliver over P28B worth of sales to their partners in 2021 from 24,835 purchasers”.
AutoDeal also helps report consumer trends, insights, and feedback directly to key players in
the automotive industry as a means of helping lift the standard of digital commerce. As
AutoDeal’s Co-founder Christopher Franks explains: The platform offers improved accessibility
to vast amounts of data which translates back to more money left in the pockets of consumers.
“These detailed insights on how automotive customers shop makes AutoDeal a core component
in helping the auto industry evolve at a time when automotive brands are having to reshape
business models and organizational structures to stay competitive in the market”.
Every year, the data collected via the AutoDeal platform is communicated through AutoDeal's
Industry Insights Report.

Launched in 2016, the report tackled the state of the automotive industry and presented data
and analysis by experts to back-up AutoDeal’s view as to why innovation was required in the
customer journey. In the years leading up to the report, AutoDeal had taken note of high levels
of customer dissatisfaction that occurred through easily fixable frustrations such as dealers not
responding to online inquiries or access to critical purchase information not being readily
available until customers entered a showroom. In the years that followed, AutoDeal
implemented technology that simultaneously improved dealership response times,
transparency, and sales conversion. In 2016, the report served as a way for brands to compare
their online commerce metrics compared to other industry leaders. Today, AutoDeal’s Insights
Report is regarded by automotive executives as one of the most helpful, useful, reliable, and
easily available sources of automotive market information as it also delves into industry-
disrupting factors and situations.

As the country begins to pull through the effects of the pandemic, AutoDeal is happy to
announce that it has recently released AutoDeal Insights (Vol. XIII) 2021 Complete Insights. In
this 13 th issue, AutoDeal examines performance metrics connected to the recovery of the
Philippine automotive industry. The report also provides must-have information for brands
retailing vehicles in the digital space and includes a full rundown of consumer data collected via
the AutoDeal and MotoDeal platforms in 2021. Some of the most remarkable findings in the
report focused on leads by market segment; leads by location; leads by device; inquiring and
buying trends; and most inquired for brands. To know how the local car and motorcycle market
performed in 2021 and learn about improving metrics that are helping shed light on the
industry’s road to recovery, simply visit or and download AutoDeal Insights (Vol. XIII) 2021
Complete Insights. 

Today, AutoDeal is stronger than ever. Currently, it is partnered with 16 automotive brands,
encompassing more than 400 new car dealerships and more than 2000 sales agent partners. In
addition, the website averages 2.7M visits/month, generates around 25,000 leads/month, and
contributes to over 2000 industry sales/month. These figures show why AutoDeal is currently
the largest automotive network as well as the no.1 online automotive marketplace in the

To learn more about AutoDeal, the #1 online automotive marketplace in the Philippines, visit
their website at and their social media channels:


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