For sustainable health, beauty, and wellness options, Sa Watsons Ako!

 Trusted health and wellness partner Watsons Philippines continues to DO GOOD for the planet, the community, its customers and employees by ...

 Trusted health and wellness partner Watsons Philippines continues to DO GOOD for
the planet, the community, its customers and employees by presenting more
sustainability options and programs that will help save the environment.
Doing Good is in Watsons DNA. Since working in partnership with Operation Smile
eight years ago up to the present, Watsons has helped transform the lives of 2,036
children through cleft surgeries. 

Watsons has also made available almost 1,200 Sustainable Choices products and
continues to add more for consumers so they have better and more environment-
friendly options.

Watsons stores have made a collective effort to be more conscious about energy
consumption and this has helped reduce energy intensity by 17 percent from 2015. 
For its employees, Watsons has conducted 22 wellness seminars and counting to help
its personnel to cope with the challenges brought about by the pandemic.
No to plastic waste

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, Watsons has been able to recycle 833,000 plastic
bottles last 2021.

For 2022, Watsons held its first DO GOOD For Earth, Sa Watsons Ako webinar with
“Smart Waste Management Towards A Sustainable Future,” where two resource
persons shared valuable insights on how waste management and recycling affects
global warming and climate change.
Commissioner Crispian Lao, Chair of the National Solid Waste Management
Commission, and David Katz, President and CEO of Plastic Bank, talked about global
warming and the benefits of recycling.

Anna Oposa of Save Philippine Seas, Ms. Viki Encarnacion of Watsons Philippines, Mr. David Katz of Plastic Bank, and Commissioner Crispian Lao of the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

The Watsons DO GOOD webinar, which was moderated by environment advocate
Anna Oposa of Save Philippine Seas, tackled important topics such as how people can
contribute in environment conservation thru 3Rs (Reuse, Recycle, Refill), the
relationship of solid waste management and climate change, the impact of recycling on
the environment, economy and community and future activities to be conducted jointly
by Plastic Bank and Watsons Philippines.
Solid waste management
Lao is a strong advocate for the environment through proper waste management.
During the webinar, he talked about the country’s Solid Waste Management programs
and its practical aspects, such as what household items can be recycled.
Plastic Bank’s David Katz discussed what social plastic can do to help impoverished
communities gain access to necessities such as food and water.
“The partnership with Watsons is an opportunity for the world to bear witness to great
change, to witness great organizations that truly are standing on the right side of history.
It takes the bold and the authentic to do something that hasn't been done before and we
know that in partnership with Watsons, the world is going to witness the change in the
communities and the lives of our collectors,” he said.
For Sustainable Choices, Sa Watsons Ako

“We rely on fossil fuels that give gas, heat and oil but they are exactly what bring about
global warming and all these extreme weather occurrences. What are the DO GOOD
acts we can do? One of these is to always choose sustainability in our health, wellness
and beauty products. For Sustainable Choices, Sa Watsons Ako,” said Viki
Encarnacion, Watsons Philippines PR and Sustainability Director.
Watsons will make you feel beautiful inside and out by providing sustainable products
that are good for the community and the planet. Kaya, for Sustainable Choices, Sa
Watsons Ako!

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