GCash powers up Filipinos’ finances with new money lending options

 Technology has been developing by leaps and bounds to offer convenient solutions for users. In the financial technology (fintech) space, on...

 Technology has been developing by leaps and bounds to offer convenient solutions for
users. In the financial technology (fintech) space, one of the recent developments is
GGives, a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option recently introduced by GCash, the no.1 e-wallet
app in the Philippines. This feature allows e-wallet users to buy big-ticket items and pay
for them in easy ‘gives’ or installments. 

GGives is the newest feature on the GCash app where users can shop from their
favorite brands, treat themselves or buy gifts for their loved ones, and pay for them later
through twice-monthly payments. With GGives, Filipinos can upgrade their lifestyle
while managing their expenses as it allows qualified users to pay for big-ticket items
valued up to PHP30,000 in up to 24 installments or ‘gives’ for as long as 12 months.
“GCash’s new lending features, such as GLoan and GGives, are tailor-made for
Filipinos’ purchasing behaviors, such as installment pay or hulugan. This is because it
GCash powers allows them to have enough freedom to maximize their money while still getting to enjoy what they want and need. With GLoan and GGives, Filipinos now have access to safe
and efficient credit services that offer fair and transparent interest rates, to help them
cope with these challenging times,” explained GCash president and CEO Martha

Another feature introduced by GCash to e-wallet users is GLoan, a financial service that
allows eligible users to borrow funds for various purposes that will help improve their
lifestyles. With GLoan, they can instantly borrow up to PHP25,000 and get it in the form
of actual cash in their GCash wallet. They can use the money for anything — whether
for emergencies, travel, a small business, home renovation, gadget upgrade, or to
pursue their passion! Approved users have the option to pay in nine to 12 months.
These GCash features come after the successful launch of its lending financial service
products like GCredit, which reached a milestone of one million borrowers as of the end
of 2021. GLoan also disbursed a total of PHP1 billion.
GGives is available to users with a high GScore on the GCash app. For qualified users,
you may activate your GGives in just a few easy steps: Tap “view all services” on the
GCash app then select GGives. Next, simply verify and complete your information on
GGives and upon approval, you’re all set to avail of GGives!
To apply for a GLoan, qualified users can tap “View all GCash Services” on the GCash
app then select GLoan. Once on the loan selection page, select your terms, and once
approved, you’ll instantly receive the funds in your GCash account.
Eligible users can enjoy GGives in over 27,000 stores via Scan QR with more branches
and options for users soon. On the GCash app, shoppers can buy from Robinsons
Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, The SM Store, Ministop, S&R
Supermarket, Nike, Mercury Drug, Southstar Drug, Power Mac Center, MemoXpress,
Datablitz, and many more!

Aside from this new service, users can also enjoy GSave, an online savings bank;
GInvest, an easy investment feature; GInsure for insurance for medical emergencies;
and GLife, the e-commerce feature, all on the GCash app.
Filipinos can download the GCash app for free on the Google Play or App Store.
For more information, visit https://help.gcash.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411269013529-

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