4 eyebrow makeup trends to try using Careline Wow Brow Liner

 Need to catch up on eyebrow makeup trends this year? Thanks to TikTok trends and countless tutorials on YouTube, 2022 will see us leveling ...

 Need to catch up on eyebrow makeup trends this year? Thanks to TikTok trends and
countless tutorials on YouTube, 2022 will see us leveling up our makeup skills, most
especially our eyebrow game. 

A quick refresher from Careline lists down four brow trends that you’ll be fawning over
in 2022! Read on and try them out because, no doubt, our eyebrows can make a huge
difference when it comes to our overall glam look.

The natural brow. For this look, less is definitely more. It's as simple as grabbing a
brush and running it through the brow while still achieving a fresh look and clean
makeup. Luckily, Careline can do that trick with its Wow Brow Liner! This liner is a dual-
ended eyebrow pencil that features an ultra-fine tip that glides effortlessly through hair
for soft and natural-looking eyebrows. Introducing its newest Caramel shade, you can
easily achieve a natural and stunning eyebrow makeup! First, brush your brow hairs
upward so you can easily identify the sparse areas where you want to draw an outline.
Then use this shade to lightly define your brows. This liner is long-wearing and smudge-
proof too so you can make your brows stand out all day long!

The pretty soft arch. There’s no denying that sculpted eyebrows work wonders to
complement your face shape and define your features. You can master this beauty
trend with the new Careline Wow Brow Shade - Espresso! You can use this shade to
outline the desired shape of your brow and bring your arched brow to life. Keep in mind,
it’s best to focus on sparse areas so you can avoid overdrawn arched brow.
The full and fluffy brow. This eyebrow makeup trend is loved by many women
because it works perfectly for all brow hair shapes and types. If you have an unruly
brow, you can use the Careline Wow Brow Almond shade to achieve a defined and
fluffy brows. Using this shade, simply follow the natural shape of your brow and lightly
pencil a line underneath your brow, then fill in your brow by following the direction of
your brow hairs, using short strokes, going upwards and rounding off the arch.
The feathery, sculpted brow. In terms of brow texture, the feathery, lifted, and
sculpted brow hair strokes is the next big thing for the eyebrow makeup trend. To
achieve this look, you can use the Careline Wow Brow Cocoa shade and fill in any
sparse spots. You can also define the top of the brow a little bit until you get a feathery
look. Aside from this shade giving you effortlessly arched brows, the Careline Wow
Brow Liner also contains ingredients which have a softening and soothing effect on skin
to keep your brows effortlessly and ultra-fine!

Groom your brows into perfection with these makeup trends using the Careline Wow
Brow Liner and its newest Caramel and Espresso shade for only PHP165! Get this
product on Careline’s official store on Lazada (bit.ly/CarelineLazada) and Shopee
(bit.ly/CarelineShopee) and Watsons, SM Department Stores, Robinsons Department
Stores, and other leading department stores nationwide. For more updates, visit and
like Careline on Facebook (@CarelineCosmetics) and Instagram (@carelineph).

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