ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaners can help your homes clean and fresh during the summer!

 Summer is just around the corner, and as more and more Filipinos have gotten used to life indoors, it is a must that their households are k...

 Summer is just around the corner, and as more and more Filipinos have gotten used to life
indoors, it is a must that their households are kept clean and fresh. As the need for keeping
homes clean becomes a demand, ROIDMI introduces its unique line of smart cordless vacuums
that redefines the endeavor of keeping our homes clean, fresh, and safe.
As the top brand of cordless vacuum cleaners in China, ROIDMI has introduced to the
Philippines the idea of “cordless” cleaning, through the ROIDMI X-series of cordless vacuum
cleaners and wipe cleaners. 

ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X30 VX
At the forefront of its major product releases, it introduces the ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum
Cleaner X30 VX that boasts modern and automatic cleaning with super suctioning features. The
X30 VX is a powerful an industrial grade electronic mop that is equipped with a High-Speed
Dual Rotary Cleaning System. It features a hands-free mopping feature which removes the
need to bend over to reach even the tightest of spots – spots that can accumulate dust and
other particles over time.

In terms of cleaning, the cordless mop can be washed and dried with just one press of a button,
as it has a built-in water tank with an electric water control output.

ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X30 Pro
The X30 Pro is ROIDMI’s most powerful machine, powered by ROIDMI’s proprietary Engine-X
2.0. Running at 120 thousand revolutions per minute with a suction power of 150AW, the
Engine-X 2.0 boasts stronger performance, longer battery life with less noise as it also has an
optimized battery management system – the BMS-X 2.0 – extending battery life up to 70 mins
allowing the X30 Pro to clean up to 450 square meters of space in just one single charge.
The X30 Pro also includes a self-disinfection feature as it is equipped with Novaron Ion
Antibacterial Materials and an Ion Anti-Bacterial Rear Filter which prevents the escape of
bacteria in the exhaust gas. This ensures that the air coming out of the vacuum will be filtered
and harmless. The cordless vacuum also includes a NEX V brush that has ionic antibacterial
coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria when not in use. Because of its Nanoscale Hydrophobic
fiber, it makes the cordless mop water and stain resistant (6:53)
The X30 Pro also comes with a pet brush tip which is ideal for pets’ shedding season (or even
giving them a soothing and relaxing massage). 

ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X20
A first-of-its-kind product, the X20 comes with a magnetic wet mop accessory with an intelligent
slop drop technology guaranteeing uniform water flow, freeing the worries of overspilling.
Equipped with an all-surface cleaning feature, the X20 has an improved and bigger roller ground
brush with soft roller brushes, allowing it to absorb not only large particles, but also smaller
particles that often get into small gaps and accumulate over time. The X20 also has a user
replaceable battery module, ensuring longer product lifespans.

Affordable ROIDMI Vacuum Cleaners
ROIDMI also provides more affordable cordless vacuum options for those who are on-a-budget.
The Z1 Air and the S2 cordless vacuums also hold premium cleaning features for a reasonable

Despite its size, weighing less than 3kgs, the Z1 Air has a digital brushless motor which rotates
at a hundred thousand revolutions per minute, providing a suction power of 110AWatts.
Equipped with a 10-tornado cyclone separation system, the Z1 Air is very efficient in terms of
separating dust and reducing filter blocking, saving the hassle of cleaning the vacuum filter from
time to time. With a run-time of 60 minutes with only one charge, the Z1 Air can clean a small
room for many days’ worth. It also comes with a dust cup of .65L with 50% more dust capacity,
along with multiple air filtration system that prevents dust from coming out – not to mention its
no-touch design. It also comes with a removable long flat suction nozzle for hard-to-reach areas
such as sofa folds, and a multifunction brush that could be used for cleaning laptops and other

The S2, on the other hand, is a classic ROIDMI design, winning several global design awards. It
has a 270-degree handle that embodies ROIDMI’s modern, simple, and ergonomic aesthetic
branding. It is also equipped with a roller brush that has an independent, built-in 25W power
motor, enhancing efficiency and providing an even deeper clean. The roller also lights up to
allow flexible cleaning even in dark corners of the household. The S2’s filters are also washable,
making it a cost effective, sustainable product.

Cordless Cleaning for Indoor Summer
As many people are preparing for the summer vacation, some are also focusing on keeping
their homes clean, fresh, and safe for their families as it is expected that most people might
have to spend the summer season indoors. ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaners provide flexible,
favorable, and more efficient solutions that removes the idea of cleaning as a hassle – at some
point, it could also be a means to express commitment to keeping the household clean and
safe, as well as protecting those who live in it.

ROIDMI understands very well that quality is king, which is why it is prompted to release
products that are modern, innovative, and smart solutions at an affordable, reasonable price.
Check out their official website via as well as their Lazada & Shopee stores
for their latest product offerings! Make sure to like and follow their official Facebook and
Instagram pages to stay updated with their latest product releases.

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