Show your love for the Earth by flying green with Cebu Pacific

 In line with the recently held Earth Day celebration,up in the air and on the ground, Cebu Pacific continues to take its responsibility to ...

 In line with the recently held Earth Day celebration,up in the air and on the
ground, Cebu Pacific continues to take its responsibility to sustainability, its
commitment to humanitarian assistance, and wildlife conservation, to heart.
Filipino travelers can also do their part throughout the year by choosing to fly
green with Cebu Pacific. The Philippines’ leading airline was recently featured at
the Singapore Airshow after Airbus chose Cebu Pacific to showcase its newest
Airbus 330neo aircraft. 

The A330neo is the greenest aircraft in Asia. The aircraft has the lowest carbon
footprint per passenger per kilometer. Its 459 seats are lightweight Recaro and
the aircraft burns 25% less fuel than previous generations. Flying on reduced
carbon emissions, the A330neo is the first aircraft in the world certified to meet
the 2028 CO2 emission reduction target.

At the prestigious Singapore Airshow last February, Cebu Pacific Chief Executive
Adviser Mike Szucs said, “It is important for us to offer value service to our
passengers and do it in a sustainable manner. The A330neo is a testament to our
commitment to environmental and social sustainability, in line with our target of
operating an all-Neo fleet by 2027.”

On the ground, Cebu Pacific has partnered with wildlife conservation and
humanitarian groups such as Waves for Water, a global group in the frontlines of
providing access to clean potable water, and the Philippine Eagle Foundation,
which leads the conservation of and care for Philippine Eagles.
Cebu Pacific’s continued partnership with Waves of Water has proven to be
crucial for communities around the country in times of natural disasters and
humanitarian crises. When typhoon Agaton made landfall in parts of Eastern and
Western Visayas early this month, it resulted in more than 175 deaths and
hundreds more missing. Cebu Pacific was quick to actively help in the relief efforts
spearheaded by Waves of Water in the towns devastated by landslides and

In December 2021, when typhoon Odette devastated several provinces and
islands in the country, Cebu Pacific and Waves of Water transported water filters
to six provinces, including Siargao island, the hardest-hit community by the
typhoon. Water filters mitigate the risk of water-borne illnesses such as cholera,
salmonella, giardia, E. coli and typhoid. Clean water also impacts on infant care
and feminine hygiene.

To date, Cebu Pacific has flown over two tons (1,447 units) worth of water
filters, free of charge, as part of its bayanijuan initiative. The airline’s wide
domestic network in the Philippines is crucial to getting help on ground and in
communities that need it most—and need it immediately.
“It has always been part of our Filipino bayanihan spirit to assist in relief
operations wherever we can. We all know Siargao was one of the destinations
severely affected by the Super Typhoon Odette and we prioritized our response
with the immediate transport of essential goods especially the water treatment
needs of the community,” said Michael Ivan Shau, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
at Cebu Pacific.

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