COVID-19 boosters now available in selected Watsons branches nationwide under government’s Resbakuna sa Botika program

 First and second booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine under the government’s “Resbakuna sa Botika” are now available at 19 Watsons stores...

 First and second booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine under the government’s
“Resbakuna sa Botika” are now available at 19 Watsons stores nationwide.
The “Resbakuna sa Botika” program was first rolled out in selected clinics and
pharmacies in Metro Manila and later on expanded to other areas nationwide as part of
the national government’s efforts to further expand the national vaccination program.
Initially, the Department of Health (DOH) and Local Government Units provided
immunizers to conduct the booster vaccination in Watsons. With the help of the DOH,
more than 36 Watsons Pharmacists have undergone training and are now certified
COVID-19 Immunizing Pharmacists. 

“Watsons has administered over 12,000 boosters for COVID-19 since Resbakuna
started in January. We are continuously working with DOH and different LGUs to find
out where we can further expand our Resbakuna sa Botika sites.", said Joseph
Soliman, Business Development Controller at Watsons.
The boosters are free and the public can walk in at any of the participating Watsons
stores offering the vaccines or register and book a schedule
at The vaccination days at
Watsons are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

"Resbakuna sa Botika is a very good partnership between Watsons and the Philippine
government to help make Covid-19 boosters accessible to many Filipinos. We continue
to put resources behind RESBAKUNA as we believe that protecting the public health
will be crucial to our economic recovery.” said Soliman. "In the event that the
government will stop the Covid-19 vaccination program, Watsons will be ready to serve
the public with commercially available Covid-19 vaccines."

As an incentive for shoppers who will get their booster shots at Watsons, the leading
health, wellness and beauty retailer is giving Php50 off every minimum purchase of
Php500 to each person who gets their vaccine at Watsons.
Watsons continues to expand its health products and services from vitamins,
supplements, hygiene products and even FDA approved antigen kits.
For the complete list of Watsons stores where the COVID-19 boosters are available for
free, go to

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