The Manila Hotel’s stunning Red Jade restaurant, which specializes in authentic Chinese dishes, reopens on Friday, June 10, 2022. After a h...

 The Manila Hotel’s stunning Red Jade restaurant, which specializes in authentic Chinese dishes, reopens
on Friday, June 10, 2022. After a hiatus, Red Jade once again welcomes diners with not just crowd
pleasers and best-selling dishes, but an expanded menu selection.
Diners can expect to explore a menu of traditional Chinese dishes prepared with a modern flair along
with nods to other regional cuisines of China. The historic Manila Hotel’s local and foreign clientele who have either dined in its main hall or booked its function rooms for private gatherings know that Red Jade is famed for food prepared with time-honored cooking techniques, premium ingredients, and
uncompromising quality.

Diners have long celebrated the famed Red Jade’s Imperial Peking Duck, which takes hours to prepare
and is expertly carved for patrons. Dim sum lovers can enjoy a wide selection of items, among them the
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling “Har Gao,” Crispy-Fried Shrimp Stuffed with Cheese, and Pan-Fried Radish Cake “Bi Feng Tang” style. Other menu highlights include the Scallop and Duck Liver with Foie Gras Sauce appetizer, Honey-Roasted Pork Barbecue, Roasted Suckling Pig, Crispy Pork Belly (Lechon Macau), Stuffed Chicken with Eight Treasures in Lotus Leaf, Fresh Garoupa served steamed or braised, as well as male mud crabs and green lobsters, and many others. It’s even got its line-up of desserts like the Red Jade Signature Chilled Mango Pudding, Chocolate Sesame Ball, and Chilled Almond Beancurd with Lychee, to name a few.

One of its most popular offerings, however, has been the “Dim Sum All-You-Can” special. Available
beginning Monday, June 13 along with Red Jade’s comeback, guests can enjoy delightful dim sums that
are meticulously hand-crafted by our chefs to bring out amazing flavors and textures. Guests can order
them to their heart’s content for only P1,288 nett per head. Soon, Red Jade will also launch the “Dim
Sum All-You-Can” discounted vouchers for a limited time this June. Be sure to catch the promo! The
“Dim Sum All-You-Can” offer is available at lunch time from Monday to Friday only.
Red Jade is known to its loyal guests as one of the most beautifully decorated Chinese restaurants in the
country. Guests who enter Red Jade feel like they have been transported to a different world, a place
that evokes a sense of majesty. The restaurant is highlighted by the stunning décor of wall relief murals
in jade. A luxurious ambience permeates the space, drawn out by the dramatic lighting that creates a
lovely contrast with the stylish wallpapers, detailed ceilings, and red tones all around—an elegant
tribute to Chinese traditions and flavors right in the heart of Manila. 

With its name and ambiance calling to mind luck and prosperity, Red Jade will surely be a venue for
joyous celebrations among family, friends, colleagues, and associates over expertly prepared food,
flawless service, and a refined atmosphere. Experience all of it again, starting this Friday, by booking a
table now!

Red Jade, located at the ground floor of the historic Manila Hotel, is open daily from 11am to 3pm for
lunch, and 6pm to 10pm for dinner. Reservations can be made by calling (632) 8527 0011, (632) 531
0011 or emailing

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