4 luxurious upgrades for your next bathroom remodel

 Bathroom remodels are one of the most sought-after projects and have the finest returns on investment for homeowners—which isn’t surprising...

 Bathroom remodels are one of the most sought-after projects and have the finest
returns on investment for homeowners—which isn’t surprising as they are frequently
utilized spaces in the home.. 

Now, an elegant and stylish bathroom is just an easy remodel away. American
Standard’s latest Acacia SupaSleek collection offers a sleeker, smarter, and easier
alternative with their lineup of ultra-thin basins, coordinated vanities, and a repertoire of
toilets with thinner and slimmer tank lids, seats, and covers for the minimalist look
you’ve always wanted. 

Here are some quick and easy fixes to take the hassle off a major bathroom remodel,
leaving you with an updated sleeker bathroom you’ll surely love.
Choose a sleeker, more polished toilet. Be honest: the toilet is usually the first thing
that you notice in a bathroom. Although your current chunky toilet may do its work, it
may be lacking in aesthetic appeal and innovative features. The Acacia SupaSleek
toilets come with CrystaSleek toilet seat and cover to help you keep the streamlined
look of your toilet while enjoying its host of advanced features.
Key innovations for this collection include the Award-winning Aqua Ceramic technology
that prevents dirt and dark ring from sticking to the ceramic surface. It also has Power
Rim technology for rimless bowls that ensure better hygiene and ease of cleaning, and
the Double Vortex Flushing System with unrivaled flushing capabilities.
Replace your old sink. Complete your instant bathroom makeover by replacing your
old sink with Acacia SupaSleek ultra-thin basins. Aside from its super sleek edges of
only 5 mm, it maintains the strength and resilience of regular basins, thanks to the
brand’s latest ThinEdge ceramic technology. It can also seamlessly blend with any
bathroom style, adding a more premium look that speaks to the savvy urban dweller.
Streamline the shower. Tubs and showers are often the focal points of a bathroom,
and by replacing them, you can completely transform your space. Aside from
customizing your bathroom style, this may also be the perfect time to ensure the
efficiency and water sustainability of faucets and shower. Acacia SupaSleek faucets are
engineered with water and energy-saving technology, while the Airnergize hand
showers infuse air into the water to give a feeling of a full shower spray while
consuming lesser water.

So, if your bathroom no longer meets your needs or if you want a refreshed look, then
it’s time for a complete bathroom remodel. With Acacia SupaSleek collection, American
Standard merges the best in design, technology, and sustainability enabling users to
transform their bathrooms into sleeker and more modern home spaces.
For more information, visit https://www.americanstandard.ph/ and join the virtual tour at
https://virtualshowroom.lixil.com/ph/ .

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