How Filipinos With Asthma Could Benefit From Covidone

 Well before COVID-19 caught our populace in its deadly grip, asthma, a chronic lung disease characterized by inflamed, swollen, and narrowe...

 Well before COVID-19 caught our populace in its deadly grip, asthma, a chronic lung disease
characterized by inflamed, swollen, and narrowed airways, has afflicted many Filipinos, both
children and adults. Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) reveal that 12% of the
Philippine population has asthma, the eleventh leading cause of death in the country.
The most common asthma triggers are dust mites, household pests, mold, and airborne pollen.
However, certain illnesses or infections, like a bad cold or a bout with the flu, can also be a
factor, especially in adult-onset asthma. 

While long-term medications such as inhaled corticosteroids are used to manage asthma
symptoms, Covidone TS is an antiseptic spray that offers relief of throat discomforts that asthma
sufferers endure. By killing the viruses and bacteria that cause inflammation and infection,
Covidone TS, a new brand of povidone-iodine, effectively provides a layer of protection in the

Covidone TS’s efficacy comes from having 0.5% povidone-iodine as an active ingredient. With
just two sprays into the mouth and throat—4 to 6 times a day—Covidone TS eases pain and
swelling and lowers one’s risk for an asthma flare-up.
Thus, even before the coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness start, every asthma-afflicted
person can get an extra layer of protection for themselves with Covidone TS antiseptic throat
spray. For the multitude of asthmatic Filipinos, having quick relief for sore throat is as simple as
tucking a bottle of Covidone TS antiseptic spray in one’s purse or briefcase—or keeping it in the
office drawer or medicine cabinet.

Nutrana Health and Wellness Co. CEO Ernesto Abad II hopes that, along with colds, flu, and
other throat infections, Covidone can give Filipinos a new sense of hope when it comes to
dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our company is committed to the cause of helping our frontliners in ending the pandemic,” says
Abad. “That is why we invested our time, effort, and resources in developing Covidone in the
middle of the pandemic and making it available as fast as possible so that every Filipino can
have that extra layer of protection against infection and feel safe again.”
However, as in all over-the-counter (OTC) medications, consumers must ensure that they follow
the correct procedure when using Covidone. Asthma patients can only apply Covidone up to
four times a day, with a maximum of 2-3 sprays per use. They must also avoid inhaling the

Parents of asthmatic children must note that Covidone is only safe to use for children aged six
years old and above. Kids must spit out any excess Covidone in their mouths, as accidental
ingestion may produce adverse effects.

Get Covidone Throat Spray at Lazada or Shopee, as well as select drug stores, grocery stores,
and supermarkets nationwide. Direct purchase at will also be available soon!

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