Sustainability mandate keeps Tagaytay Highlands safe for generations

 In a semi-annual consumer sentiment survey conducted by PropertyGuru, respondents expressed their aspirations to live in sustainable homes,...

 In a semi-annual consumer sentiment survey conducted by PropertyGuru,
respondents expressed their aspirations to live in sustainable homes, no
matter the cost. More now prefer to future-proof their abodes by living in
self-contained townships that provide an abundance of lifestyle amenities
and infrastructure within the vicinity while strongly focused on
environmental conservation. 

World-class residential and leisure estate Tagaytay Highlands continues to visualize a
secure future for generations to come. Sprawled across 1,290 hectares of rolling terrain,
it is the only mountain resort of its kind and scale that boasts a profusion of flora and
fauna, year-round nippy weather, and stunning vistas of Taal Lake, Mt. Makiling,
Canlubang Valley, and Laguna de Bay.

Whether as a picturesque getaway or as an alternative primary home for harried
urbanites, Tagaytay Highlands has proven to be conducive to productivity, spurring
career-driven homeowners to continue working from home. And to refresh mind, body,
and spirit, one can indulge in its tranquil green spaces for leisurely walks, jogging, and
breathing in fresh air.

Complementing nature’s bounty, Tagaytay Highlands is considered one of the most
environment-friendly and sustainable leisure estates in the Philippines. Its
environmental conservation programs have, in fact, earned for it the “Friend of
Biodiversity” recognition from the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity.
Tagaytay Highlands reinforces this image by adhering to a strict sustainability mandate,
ensuring the responsible use of its resources. Under this directive, all structures in the
development are designed for resilience to reduce the impact of environmental risks.
Likewise, nearly half of developable areas is allocated for wellness and accessibility
features, such as walking paths as well as access ramps for differently abled persons.
All residential developments have introduced big lawns and pocket parks of their own,
which provide ample space to have their own corner for individual and family outdoor

To promote and protect biodiversity, the ground cover in the resort, including the greens
and fairways of Tagaytay Highlands’ championship golf courses, consists of native and
low-maintenance plants and trees. Sustainability measures, including the planting of
such native trees and shrubs, are kept in mind even in landscape design. To further
support environmental protection, a yearly key active program is implemented for the
planting of tree species indigenous to Tagaytay Highlands.

Along with reforestation and propagation initiatives, the vast estate operates electricity-
run golf carts to help maintain its fresh mountain air.

Tagaytay Highlands makes sure that every drop counts through its conservation efforts.
It routinely monitors water levels against projected demand and employs best practices
in optimizing water use at the golf course, common areas, and establishments. On
some of its new residential projects, retention/detention ponds and rain gardens are
developed as landscape features. Also integrated in its environmental sustainability
initiatives is the use of LED bulbs as well as PWD friendly amenities.
To keep its wells and attendant pipes clean and fully functional, as well as to ensure
steady electricity supply and internet connectivity, Tagaytay Highlands conducts
periodic preventive maintenance. Waste management systems divert residual waste
from the landfill through composting and recycling programs.
To encourage homeowners to live sustainably healthy lifestyles, residents are granted
access to fresh produce and greens at Pick and Pay, Tagaytay Highlands’ organic farm.
Also, Tagaytay Highlands has been holding its “One Tree at a Time” activity for a
decade now, with the aim of planting one million trees by 2044. Today, there are over
490,000 trees planted within the Tagaytay Highlands Complex.
Attesting to Tagaytay Highlands’ commitment to sustainability, safety, and security is its
recently awarded “Safety Seal” given by the City Government of Tagaytay.
The Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) also hailed
Tagaytay Highlands’ developer Highlands Prime, Inc., a subsidiary of SM Prime
Holdings, as one of CALABARZON’s 2021 Outstanding Developers for Open Market

With its competent property management, residents and members are assured of all
facilities and personnel continuously adhering to strict sanitation procedures and safety
protocols, including disinfection, hand sanitation, wearing of face masks, and social

Tagaytay Highlands’ property management will remain efficient in complying with health
and safety precautionary measures and delivering quick crisis responses during
adverse natural and high-risk events.

Tagaytay Highlands continues to revisit its sustainability initiatives and regularly sense-
checks them against the changing development landscape and evolving needs of its
members and nearby communities. The development remains steadfast in its goal to
make the estate truly livable to ensure discerning families’ health and well-being in the
forthcoming years.

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