Shopee sellers share the digital tools and features which help them thrive online

  With its commitment to helping online businesses start, scale, and succeed, Shopee continuously innovates its platform to enable them to r...

 With its commitment to helping online businesses start, scale, and succeed, Shopee continuously innovates its platform to enable them to reach new customers and provide them with the tools needed in order to make their venture into e-commerce as seamless as possible– wherever they are in the Philippines. 


Driven by this goal, Shopee recently held the second iteration of
the Shopee University Roadshow and Shopee Kumustahan in Mandaue City, Cebu—two
events designed to support MSMEs through expert-led learning sessions,
as well as discussions with Shopee sellers, who successfully grew their
businesses on the platform. 


Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said “With consumers’ changing needs and shopping behavior, it
is important that we provide our sellers with the necessary tools to help them
adapt and thrive in the e-commerce space. We are committed to helping each of
our sellers find success on our platform through our seller engagement events,
newly developed tools, monthly campaigns, and more.”


In line with this, Cebu-based sellers Azela Taladua, Jimmy
Martinez, and Hilaire Labalan, shared how they found success on Shopee. 


E-commerce 101 anytime, anywhere via the Seller Education Hub

Azela Taladua of BigGrocer Food and Grocery, went from having zero
knowledge on e-commerce to efficiently running their online business with the
help of the Shopee Seller Education Hub. “I was hired by BigGrocer to oversee
their e-commerce channels, even though I did not have any background in this
field. The different tools readily available on the Seller Education Hub, like
Business Insights, made it easy for me to learn how to effectively manage our
online operations,” shared Azela. 


The Seller
Education Hub is one of the many learning
resources that Shopee makes available to digital entrepreneurs to help them
find success online. It contains webinars and courses, available in both
English and Tagalog, designed to cater to the needs of all kinds of sellers –
whether they’re starting out, leveling up, or scaling up.  


Building Relationships and Reputation via Shopee Live and Live Chat

In Sweet J&J's Jimmy Martinez enjoys engaging with customers,
and was able to grow their online business by using the different tools
available on Shopee Live. “Hosting Shopee Livestream sessions has been crucial
in helping us maintain relationships with our customers. Through our
livestreams, we’re not only able to interact and engage with customers
directly, but we’re also able to attract even more customers online,” Jimmy
shared. Shopee Live features such as the Livestream Flash Sale, Audio and Video
Calls, and more, help shops like In Sweet J&J increase engagement and
establish connections with users.


Jimmy also mentions that thanks to Shopee’s Live Chat feature, In
Sweet J&J were able to develop good customer service and build strong
relationships with their customers. “With Live Chat, we’re able to assure our
customers that our products are of high quality, and that their orders are in
safe and trusted hands.” 


Boosting Visibility and Sales with Big Campaigns

In addition to the features and tools readily available to local
sellers, Shopee’s monthly campaigns and sales have also been pivotal to the
growth of these businesses. In the recently held 9.9 Super Shopping Day, local
sellers saw a 6x uplift in items sold along with 87M views on Shopee Live.


For Hilaire Labalan, a 20-year old student and the founder of
Ithra Jewelry, participating in the various sales and offering discounts and
vouchers has enabled her to attract new customers each month. “From starting
out with five weekly customers, we now have around 200. Joining the monthly
sales and offering discounts and promotions has enabled us to grow our customer
base and generate even more sales for the business,” shared Hilaire. 


For those who want to venture into an
online business, Shopee is here to kickstart your online selling journey today. Download the Shopee app for
free via the App Store or Google Play.

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