Samsung's Odyssey Ark takes gaming to the next level

  The  Odyssey Ark  gaming monitor from  Samsung  has recently arrived in the Philippine market, bringing an unparalleled level of gaming ex...

 The Odyssey Ark gaming monitor from Samsung has recently arrived in the Philippine market, bringing an unparalleled level of gaming experience never before possible.


The 55-inch curved monitor dazzles you with its ultra-realistic visuals, powerful sound, and exclusive features like Cockpit Mode and Ark Dial, giving Filipino gamers a razor-sharp competitive edge over their opponents.


The premium gaming monitor uses Quantum Matrix Technology, powered by Quantum Mini-LEDs, to control tightly packed pixels better, and provide superior light control and detail. This leads to excellent HDR gaming capabilities, similar to those found in Samsung's Neo QLED TVs.


The monitor runs at 4k UHD resolution, with up to 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and AMD Freesync Premium Pro making it a top-notch choice for PC and next-gen console gamers like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X owners. Console gamers will be pleased to know that the monitor is VRR compatible due to its HDMI 2.1 port and can reach high frame rates at 4K. The Ark also includes Gaming Hub. You can access popular streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik without any extra hardware, other than a compatible controller.


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Total immersion


Adding a whole new level of realism to your gaming experience, the monitor’s revolutionary Sound Dome Technology features four embedded speakers and two central subwoofers that support Dolby Atmos and an AI Sound Booster. Whether playing the latest shooter or your favorite open-world RPG, you’d feel like you’re playing in a virtual dome, basking in an immersive 3D soundscape.

As if you were sitting in a gaming theatre in your very own home, hearing every footstep, every enemy growl, bullets whizzing past your ears, and explosions reverberating all over the place – without needing to purchase an external dedicated audio system.


The experience is akin to having a virtual reality headset around you without wearing one. No longer will you be playing a game, but rather experiencing it.


The Ark is the closest thing you can find to a real-life 3D gaming experience. Experience the action like never before with the 1000R Curvature - you'll be transported into your favorite game with a realistic 3D environment that surrounds you from every angle, putting you right at the heart of the excitement.


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“Cockpit Mode”


The monitor’s Multi-View and Flex Move Screen features ensure the user can have the most optimized view of their game. Whether you're playing a first-person shooter, or a strategy game, you can customize the screen to fit your style of play.


The Multi-View feature allows you to see multiple screens simultaneously, while the Flex Move Screen enables you to adjust the monitor to fit your play style. You can shrink the useable screen space from 55 inches to 27 inches, and pick between 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 aspect ratios.  Thus, you'll be able to see every enemy, every item, and every detail with ease. No more craning your neck or squinting your eyes trying to see the action. No more getting stuck in the same spot, fighting for the best view. Instead, you can move the monitor to the perfect angle, giving you the edge you need to get the win.


Samsung's $3,500 Odyssey Ark is a 55" curved 4K monitor with impressive  specs: Digital Photography Review


One of the Ark's most notable features is the ability to swivel the display 90 degrees to activate Cockpit Mode, which consists of a rotating screen so that it sits vertically on the adjustable stand. To say that it opens a brave new world of experiencing the action is an understatement – you'll be immersed in the action as if you're in the cockpit of your own spaceship, ready to take on the entire universe.


The gaming screen also comes with its own exclusive remote control: the Ark Dial. With just a twist or a press, you can adjust and navigate your monitor settings quickly and easily. The Ark Dial Menu also provides access to additional settings like Flex Move Screen, Multi View, and the Game Bar. With the Ark Dial, you can take control of your gaming screen and revolutionize the way you play.


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