Mondelez Philippines Encourages Mindful Snacking During The Holidays Snacking Mindfully shown to lead to a better relationship with food

    Snacking is an important and growing consumer behavior, especially this holiday season. Snacks company Mondelez Philippines’ purpose is ...

  Snacking is an important and growing consumer behavior, especially this holiday season. Snacks company Mondelez Philippines’ purpose is to empower people to snack right this Christmas and beyond. Its mission is to lead the future of snacking by providing the right snack for the right moment, made the right way. This is #SnackingMadeRight. Mondelez Philippines has been behind some of the favorite snacks of Filipinos; making sure that households can enjoy the snacks they love. 

Mondelez recently celebrated a momentous occasion: the 11th anniversary of its founding globally. To commemorate this milestone, the Company recently celebrated a day called Purpose Day – a day where, all over the world, the Company celebrates its mission of empowering people to snack right. 

Snacking Mindfully

This year’s Purpose Day theme was all about Mindful Snacking, an approach that seeks to encourage everyone to snack with both attention and intention – giving Mondelez Philippines’ consumers the opportunity to snack right and savor their snacks more without choosing between enjoying their favorite treats and having a healthy snacking habit.

“Our Purpose as a Company is to empower people to snack right. Consumers decide what and how they want to eat. We are interested in consumers’ snacking behaviors and constantly innovate to make sure they continue to taste the goodness of our snacks when they want a delicious, wholesome, nutritious or indulgent bite, made with ingredients and packaging they can feel good about,” said Mondelez Philippines Corporate and Government Affairs Lead, Caitlin Punzalan. “Research shows that people who eat mindfully have more pleasurable and satisfying eating experiences, have a positive relationship with food, are able to better manage their food portions, and are less likely to overeat.” 

To learn more about Mindfulness and Mindful Snacking, employees of the Company recently enjoyed a session with experts from the Nutritionist-Dietititans Association of the Philippines. Helping communities snack and eat mindfully, several company volunteers also joined the annual Servathon of volunteering group Hands on Manila to plant a food garden.  

Empower People to Snack Right

Observations based on the company’s State of Snacking Report 2022 – a document to help guide the company in understanding future consumer developments to keep up with the global climate surrounding snacking - found that 78% of consumers like to take their time while indulging in their favorite treats. Additionally, two-thirds of consumers believe that instincts like their mood help inform their snacking choices, making them less restrictive than in the past when it comes to eating habits.

“Nowadays, snacking occasions are common in our dietary patterns, and the application of mindful eating is relevant towards more sustainable snacking practices.” Added Punzalan, “As a leading snack company, we are dedicated to empowering consumers to make informed choices about their snacking habits. 

There are several steps to take in practicing Mindful Snacking. Mondelez Philippines suggests doing the following this holiday season: 

  • Know what you want (emotional and functional needs).

  • Be aware of your portion size and moderate it, especially at parties and noche buena. 

  • Enjoy and appreciate the snack with all senses (e.g. taste, feel, smell).

  • Be present in the moment. Avoid doom-scrolling on your phone while snacking this Christmas.

  • Be aware of your hunger, fullness, and satisfaction.

  • Reflect on your whole eating experience.

Mondelez Philippines aims to make, market, and help consumers enjoy its products mindfully - empowering them to choose the right snack for the right moment, made the right way. The Company encourages mindfulness in savoring each bite, thus experiencing more satisfaction in your snacking moments.  

Want to snack more mindfully during the holidays? Learn more by visiting Mondelez International’s Mindful Snacking resource site at

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