Telavi: Redefining Connections and Technology

  Communication with different stakeholders in the new digital landscape can be challenging. GLC, a leader in business communication solutio...

 Communication with different stakeholders in the new digital landscape can be challenging. GLC, a leader in business communication solutions, has stepped up to this challenge, developing innovative solutions over the past decade. Their latest flagship brand, Telavi, is revolutionizing communication for organizations, empowering seamless connections, and transforming communication paradigms.


Erwin Co, the President and CEO of Telavi, shares his vision and experience on how businesses can seamlessly connect across all channels and platforms in the post-pandemic era. His expertise in digital communication solutions guides businesses to transform and grow in this new age of innovation and opportunity.


Through the evolution of digital transformation, Telavi has been partnering with different enablers such as PLDT. Both companies have been on a mission to redefine communications in the country. During last year’s Digital Convention, Telavi CEO Erwin Co shared his thoughts on the brand’s transformative journey, as he also highlighted Telavi’s significant strides to strengthen connections with forward-thinking businesses that are eager to embrace digitization. “We are here to share our solutions that meet their needs and drive innovation and growth to the country’s digital landscape,” he said.


Telavi's visionary President and CEO, Erwin Co (second from the right), leads the team and the brand ambassadors in fostering synergy, championing innovation, and forging future-forward alliances.


The Telavi Innovation: Ushering the New Digital Era


Telavi offers a range of digital communication solutions that let you communicate with anyone you need to, using different ways and devices. In other words, making it a reliable partner for your communication needs. Its primary goal is to help clients adjust to fast-evolving digital communication needs and provide organizations with seamless, flexible, and cost-effective solutions that address their ever-changing needs and challenges.


“We work hard to tailor our solutions to meet our clients’ needs and budgets. For example, we have Telavi Cloud, a solution that lets you connect from anywhere at any time” said Co. “We also understand that scalable solutions are vital to making our services available to all kinds of businesses.”  This solution has sped up the delivery of government services to the people, particularly during emergencies, such as during the pandemic, benefiting local communities.


The company also has a solution that helps you manage calls better. With Telavi Contact Center and One Number Hotline, you can use one phone number for all your calls. You can also choose how to answer and direct your calls online. This way, you can save time, money, and space while improving customer service.


One of its newest solutions that enhances consumer experience is the Telavi Click-to-Call.  No need to manually dial a number but instead, with just one click on the company’s website or social media, the consumer can talk to the customer agent.  It has improved customer satisfaction of companies that implemented this hassle-free execution. This innovative solution has already proven its worth in real-life situations, particularly in Telavi's collaborations with various local governments.



So What's Next for Telavi?


Telavi is making life easier for Filipinos through simple, fast, and direct communication. With a proven track record and well-known clients, including local government units, the company has played a crucial role in bringing people closer to the government.


But Telavi’s story does not end here. With its recent rebranding, Telavi is also committed to empowering organizations to thrive in the changing digital landscape. Actively expanding its reach and forging partnerships across industries and sectors, Telavi is on a mission to provide trustworthy, cutting-edge digital communication solutions.


To learn more about Telavi’s products and services, visit and get a free consultation today.


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