Here’s how Kathryn Bernardo maintains a ‘tamang’ balance in life

 Kathryn Bernardo shows no signs of slowing down. The beloved actress has been on almost every Filipino’s screens since she was a young girl...

 Kathryn Bernardo shows no signs of slowing down. The beloved actress has been on almost every Filipino’s screens since she was a young girl. Now, she has a long list of successful teleseryes and blockbuster hits under her belt. She also started her own business and delved into other projects in between. 

Kathryn has been active in the industry for over 20 years, but she’s still so excited about trying new things, both in her work and personal life. Last year, she starred in A Very Good Girl, a movie which she earned many praises for because of her remarkable performance.

This year, Kathryn has a lot of plans. One of them is taking the role of Great Taste White’s newest celebrity endorser. “I’m excited for 2024. [I’m excited] for my new family, new beginnings, and my new partnership with Great Taste White,” she says.

Having the right balance

Kathryn is just like many of us: she always starts her day with a good cup of coffee to give her the “pampagana” she needs, especially during early shoots. Great Taste White allows her to get that “tamang timpla” caffeine fix at home or on set.

“Great Taste White has the right amount of everything – tamang timpla ng coffee, tamis and cream. ‘Yun ‘yung hinahanap ko sa coffee. May satisfaction na you’re ready to start your day,” Kathryn says.

Kathryn prefers to have a “tamang” balance not just in her coffee, but also in her lifestyle. She believes in the value of having work-life balance. She tries to achieve this by setting boundaries between being an actress and being a normal person. “I always remind myself, ‘You have to be a normal person as well. Hindi ka artista every day,’” Kathryn says. “It’s about knowing your limitations – ‘di sosobra, ‘di din magkukuluang. Mahirap siya, pero surrounding yourself with the right people can help pag na-overwhelm ka sa lahat ng nangyayari.”

The actress also plans on continuing honing her tennis and dance skills, and taking swimming and scuba diving lessons seriously this year. Despite having a busy schedule, she’s determined to find time for her new hobbies.

Kathryn considers her close friends and family, and hobbies as her “pampagana.” They motivate her to do well and be the best version of herself in everything she does. It’s safe to say that she’s found the right blend to keep her going.

Growing with Great Taste White

From a child actress to becoming a versatile performer, Kathryn can be proof that people can evolve and strive to be better. Now, she’s looking forward to continue growing with Great Taste White, a staple brand in her home because of its “tamang timpla” coffee mix.

“Great Taste White is a brand I grew up with and I never thought that I would be part of this family,” Kathryn says. “Kilalang kilala ko ‘yung brand. Sa bahay, ‘yan din ‘yung iniinom namin lahat.”

Experience Great Taste White’s tamang tapang ng kape, tamang tamis, and tamang creaminess, and get your daily stash of this well-loved coffee at leading supermarkets and convenience stores; and via online shops such as Lazada.

Great Taste White is one of the leading White coffee mixes in the Philippines. It’s a product of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), the company behind well-loved, delightful snack and beverage brands such as C2 Cool and Clean, Jack ‘n Jill Piattos, Nova, Magic Crackers, Maxx, Cloud 9, and many others.

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