Bring your dream home to life with American Standard’s Loven Collection

  Getting your own home brings a mix of excitement and overwhelm. While the freedom to style it according to your own needs and preferences ...

 Getting your own home brings a mix of excitement and overwhelm. While the freedom to style it according to your own needs and preferences is thrilling, the challenge can be daunting, especially with an array of options available in the market.

Here's a helpful tip: Take it one step at a time. By focusing on one area, you can avoid feeling swamped by the renovations ahead. And what better place to begin than with one of the most heavily used areas - the bathroom?

American Standard, the leading manufacturer of bath and kitchen products, understands this struggle too well. That’s why they make the job a lot easier for you with its Loven Collection, crafted for young families and couples embarking on their first home-buying journey.

No more stressing over mixing and matching because Loven Collection has a variety of coordinated designs ensuring a timeless and cohesive bathroom aesthetic.  

But not just for its aesthetics. The collection boosts with innovative features that are designed for comfort, hygiene, and functionality. Cultivating a space filled with love for the entire family. 

For busy urbanites, cleaning bathroom fixtures is now a breeze thanks to the collection’s rimless design, adding a touch of modern elegance, while making cleaning an extremely easy task. 

On top of this, let’ talk hygiene. The HygieneClean which has advanced anti-bacterial technology ComfortClean and the Double Vortex flushing features to ensure safety and cleanliness in the bathroom. 

For households with elderly or toddlers, safety is paramount. The Loven Collection prioritizes their well-being with ComfortMove for smooth handling and optimal precision movements and CoolShield on shower mixers to ensure the faucet body remains cool to the touch to prevent accidental scalding. 

Efficiency is key when it comes to homeownership. The Loven Collection helps you save energy and water with features like EcoStart, which defaults the basin to cold water, potentially saving up to 30% in energy costs. Plus, water-saving aerators and Dual Flush toilets contribute to conservation efforts, earning LEED points and saving up to 40% water.

Transform your dream home with the Loven Collection from American Standard, now accessible at select retailers and online marketplaces. Explore its offerings, with availability in your local area, visit the American Standard website at

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