BRIA Homes provides virtual internship opportunities to young Filipinos aspiring for a career in real estate

While the Philippine economy is still caught in the grip of a pandemic, it is widely aknowledged that the real estate market has turned out ...

While the Philippine economy is still caught in the grip of a pandemic, it is widely aknowledged that the real estate market has turned out to be remarkably resilient, rebounding fast despite stringent quarantines and surges in new covid cases. Some credit may be given to how proptech companies are helping push the projects of leading developers during the pandemic, but more commendable is how homebuilders had transitioned to digital technology even before the onset of the health crisis. 

One of the earliest to do so is BRIA Homes, one of the country’s top developers of best- value housing. In its drive to provide superior quality homes to ordinary Filipinos, the award-winning BRIA Homes quickly embraced digital technology to deliver more efficient services to their current and future homeowners.

The real estate company made sure to cover all aspects of the transition: reliable internet connections were set up in all its residential enclaves, property management went on the grid, and digital sales strategies were implemented. 

And now BRIA Homes is offering virtual internship to students who are aspiring for a career in real estate. With online marketing and virtual tours replacing onsite ocular trips, the realm of property sales has become more attractive to young people who have the necessary skills to succeed in it.

Job seekers’ websites point out that real estate interns are tasked to assist with financing, advertising, conduct research on potential investments, do data entry work, and negotiate loan agreements. As interns typically work under an experienced mentor, they can eventually develop into professional real estate agents. With the right training and exposure, interns will learn to recognize good opportunities opening up in the field and explore brighter prospects moving forward. 

So what, from the get-go, are the basic qualifications that interns should have to make it in real estate?

Red Rosales, President of BRIA Homes, shares that having people skills is an absolute advantage. “They must communicate well with customers and be proactive in the sales process. They must know the area and be familiar with the lay of the land, so to speak. They must also consider their clients’ time frame.” Rosales likewise believes that real estate professionals must be client-motivated and possess excellent listening skills. Thus, he advises newbies and interns: “When clients are speaking, they deserve your full attention. Listen carefully when they express doubts or apprehensions about any step in the transaction process. Ask follow-up questions. This is the best way to build trust between you and a customer.”

BRIA Homes is now opening its doors to students who are looking for a good start in the real estate industry. Rosales supports this, saying, “Virtual internships in top-tier property developers are the best way to jump-start a potential career in the housing industry. And experiential learning has always been most effective in achieving this goal.”

BRIA Homes cites other benefits to virtual internships. “For one, more than honing their skills in digital communications, internships can help students establish networks early on,” Rosales says. “After all, connections are something that only a true work environment can provide.”

Other skills and values that internships can foster are accountability, self-discipline, time management, patience, and resourcefulness. Finally, Rosales says interns are given a chance to prepare themselves for the future of work. “Many businesses now see value in remote work—not just for convenience but for safety as well. Interns will get to experience working from home, becoming well-versed in telecommuting and the use of digital platforms.”

BRIA Homes’ virtual internship initiative springs from the company’s commitment to help Filipinos live better, more comfortable lives. To check out BRIA projects and other services, prospective homeowners can visit BRIA’s website, which features 360 virtual tours. Interested property buyers can also inquire online through the BRIA Facebook page, or reserve a propery online via BRIA’s online reservation page.

BRIA Homes is a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., one of the top real estate companies in the country. Acclaimed for its massive footprint of over 50 developments in major Philippine cities and municipalities, BRIA Homes is committed to bring quality and best-value residential communities closer to everyday Filipino families. Through a diverse portfolio of properties such as house-and-lots and condominiums, BRIA Homes promises to provide the right property option for every Filipino’s needs.

To know more, visit their website at, like and follow “Bria Homes, Inc.” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Viber Community, Telegram Channel, Kakao Talk, LINE and WhatsApp, or call 0939-887-9637.

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