Buying a new inverter aircon? Here are 5 features to look for

Air conditioning technology has improved dramatically in the last few years. So if you're buying a new unit, make sure you get the m...

Air conditioning technology has improved dramatically in the last few years. So if you're buying a new unit, make sure you get the most out of your purchase by looking for elements that will give your family not just the best cooling solution but also carries features that provide protection, comfort, and convenience. 

One of the newest cooling solutions that provide the most advanced cooling solutions is the new Midea Pinnacle Highwall Inverter Series. Check out its 5 features that make it a great option when buying a split-type inverter aircon.

Super-efficient filters for better protection

Air-condition units are not only meant to keep the room cool but they should also provide better air quality to ensure protection from environmental contaminants that can harm the family. The Midea Pinnacle gives peace of mind because it improves indoor air quality with its five stages of purification including UV Pro, which removes up to 86 percent of bacteria and viruses to leave only clean and fresh air, Dual Filters, 56 C 

Sterilization, and Air Guardian. This is an important consideration these days when we are in the midst of a pandemic and respiratory health is a major concern.

 Energy-saving technology for cost efficiency

Traditional air conditioners can be costly because their power consumption trumps most appliances in your home. While it’s true that most inverter aircon features energy-saving technologies, Midea's Pinnacle Highwall Inverter Series is equipped with an Energy Chip with SmartSave algorithm that lets users save up to 70 percent energy versus conventional air conditioners. That’s a cost-efficient way to keep the family cool for long hours with less than 2kilowatt-hour.


Self-cleaning for maximum comfort and savings

Air conditioners need regular cleaning and maintenance for them to function efficiently. But now, you can cut down on maintenance and cleaning expenses as Midea Pinnacle also features the iClean, a self-cleaning function that minimizes maintenance and maximizes your comfort and savings.


Flash cooling power with high ambient cooling

Normally, traditional air condition units take a few minutes before you can set up the thermostat to the lowest temperature. But with Midea Pinnacle's Flash Cooling feature, it's possible to cool a room in just 40 seconds as the unit can automatically set the temperature to 23°C. Aside from the Flash Cooling feature, Midea Pinnacle  an also, reach the coolest temperature of 14°C with a high frequency of up to 120 hertz so you can enjoy a maximum level of comfort even during hot, humid days.


Low noise for comfort

The buzzing sound of compressors from traditional aircon units can be quite bothersome. But fortunately, that is not the case for the Midea Pinnacle Series. Now you can enjoy maximum comfort and convenience every day with its quiet operation of up to 20 decibels, and the Sweet Dream feature, which automatically adjusts temperature while you sleep.


So if you're planning on buying a new inverter aircon soon, look for these features to be sure you are getting the best cooling solution for your home.  

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