4 Reasons Why LG REF is our #NAENGJANGGOALS

 Summer is finally here and coming along with it is intense heat. One of the most important appliances to have during the season is a refrig...

 Summer is finally here and coming along with it is intense heat. One of the most important appliances to have during the season is a refrigerator that helps you cool off, stay hydrated, and keep your food fresh. 

But due to the intense heat nowadays, some refrigerators struggle, and you’re left wanting for something better. Make the switch to make life good just in time for Summer. LG refrigerators present the best combination of technology, efficiency, and energy savings. We’ve outlined below 4 reasons why LG refs should be your #Naengjanggoals (naeng-jang-go is Korean for refrigerator).
1. Door Cooling + - LG refrigerators have a door cooling function that quickly cools
items placed in the door section. This works through air vents located at the front of
the fridge, directing cool air onto food items stored in the area. This feature starts
15 seconds after you close the door.

2. Inverter Technology = Savings - LG’s inverter technology maximizes your
savings with its energy efficiency. The refrigerator’s Inverter Compressor provides
up to 32% in energy savings, top-rate 20-year durability, and optimal temperature
control to keep foods fresher longer. Aside from stretching your budget, the inverter
also helps maintain the appearance and taste of fresh products for longer by
reducing temperature fluctuations. 

3. 10 Year Warranty 2yrs parts and service - Your investment is safe with LG
refrigerators. Its Inverter Linear Compressor has a 10 Year Parts Warranty to give
you peace of mind. With less vibration, moving parts, and noise than a conventional
LG compressor system, the LG Inverter Linear Compressor is quieter and more
durable. As the Inverter Linear Compressor is the heart of your refrigerator we back
this with a 10-year parts warranty on the compressor.

4. Capacity Options - With refrigerators, space is the name of the game. You want
to be able to place a large amount of items inside, whether you’re living solo or
have an extended family. You have plenty of models to choose from. There are
Door-in-door, Instaview, side by side, bottom freezer, top mount, and single door
options. Pick one that’s suitable for your lifestyle!

Want one for yourself? Now’s your chance. Manifest #refgoals and get your dream LG
refrigerator for free! You can go to https://lgpromoregistration.ph/ and join a special raffle. The
mechanics are simple. Fill out the required information and upload a photo of your selfie with
your dream refrigerator from LG with an explanation of why you deserve to win. Participants are
entitled to one raffle entry per registration. For additional entries, customers can post their
photos on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #Naengjanggoals and #LGRefGoals to
increase the chances of winning. There will be a total of five winners. Entries can be registered
until 11:59 PM on April 29, 2022.

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