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 Golden Haven Memorial Parks Inc., the country’s leading provider of premium deathcare services, is calling on millennials and GenZ’s to joi...

 Golden Haven Memorial Parks Inc., the country’s leading provider of premium deathcare services, is calling on millennials and GenZ’s to join its Golden Haven Ambassador Program, an initiative that will provide them meaningful work opportunities on flexible time.

It’s a set-up that suits their mobile lifestyle and need for independence. With the younger generations’ natural proficiency for using technology to connect with people, they are indeed ideal candidates for promoting Golden Haven’s memorial services and benefits through the social media and other online platforms. 

It helps, too, that studies on the ground reveal that millennials are the biggest demographic of customers that scour real estate listings for investment opportunities.

This means that the Golden Haven Ambassador program’s objectives will resonate well with potential ambassadors aged 18 to 35, spurring them to help others prepare for the future through investments in memorial property.

Acknowledging the unique skills and perspectives that the youth bring to the table, Ms. Emy Lustado, President of Golden Haven, stresses that the younger generation plays a critical role in promoting the urgency of planning ahead for one's future. “We are thus excited to launch the nationwide search for Golden Haven Ambassadors, which will empower the youth to become our partners in this advocacy," she says.

Lustado further points out why the young generations are a ‘perfect fit’ for the GH ambassador program: “Millennials and GenZs are innovators, and they possess an entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to make a difference in the world. This, combined with their passion and drive for promoting social causes, make them natural advocates for planning ahead for the future.”

To top it all, the program offers flexibility and work-life balance, enabling Golden Haven Ambassadors to work anytime and anywhere, granting them better chances of achieving their personal and professional goals.

Finally, as representatives of the most trusted name in the deathcare industry, Golden Haven’s ambassadors will receive full comprehensive training and support from the Golden Haven team, and uncapped earning opportunities through commissions.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an elite sales team and get the chance to sell to the whole country! Apply for the Golden Haven Ambassador Program today by simply visiting the career page on Golden Haven's website and registering in the forms provided. Become a Golden Haven Ambassador today and help make a difference.

About Golden Haven

Golden Haven Memorial Park is a subsidiary company of publicly listed Villar-owned Golden MV Holdings Inc. Currently positioned as one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Golden Haven offers premium death care services and prime memorial lots. It is dubbed as the most lucrative real estate investment, with an average of 20% annual value appreciation.

Be part of the Golden Haven community today! Visit goldenhaven.com.ph or follow “Golden Haven” on our social media platforms. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Tiktok, and Viber. For sales-related inquiries, you may contact (02) 8873-2922 to 23.

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